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Comfort Food for the Cold Nights

Congee–Simple and Delicious Gingered Porridge This traditional Chinese dish is easy to cook and easy to digest. Not to mention that it’s delicious and falls into the category of therapeutic foods as it balances the digestive system. It could be served with or without meats in it. The main spices, white pepper and ginger, give it a warming and nourishing […]

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Leftover Chicken Soup

Leftover Chicken Soup Ready to Cook What to do with Your Chicken Leftovers Yes, we’re talking about leftovers from your Costco chicken. Because I don’t think you’ll have any leftover soup after you prepare this recipe. To get straight to the point, food need not be wasted. When you buy a whole chicken and end up with some leftovers on […]

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Chicken Teriyaki

The traditional Teriyaki method of cooking is grilling or broiling of chicken, beef, or fish/seafood, but I’ve modified this recipe to facilitate the enthusiasts who don’t have a grill at home. I’ve used Yoshida Teriyaki sauce and like to serve this dish with broccoli puree (see recipe.) The rice I’ve featured is Botan brand Calrose. Method: Wash the chicken thighs, […]

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Authentic Chicken Enchiladas

Although I can’t include the home-made Chicken Enchiladas on the weight loss menu, its vegetarian version, which includes beans and corn as a filling, would satisfy the craving for Mexican food so notorious for the huge amounts of calories and fat. I’d also use less cheese and replace the sour cream as a topping with salsa or taco sauce. Another […]

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Chicken Paprikash

This is a traditional Hungarian favorite dish that has a very mild but specific flavor of sweet Hungarian paprika. People who like dishes with sauce will definitely find it quite pleasing to taste. Moreover, it can be prepared two ways: with texture or blended in a creamy smooth sauce. It uses chicken thighs cooked to perfection in the sauce and […]

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Oven Roasted Chicken


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