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Shrimp Curry

This is a Thai Curry variety and vey easy to prepare. The only thing that’s absolutely essential to get the perfect flavor is having a curry leaf, which comes from a kaffir lime tree. Sometimes I add fresh pineapple slices, eggplant, green beans, depending on what vegetable is available in the kitchen. Truly delicious with rice!

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Curried Mushrooms, Potatoes and Peas

  There is one word that relates to this exceptionally flavor-full vegetarian dish–More! More of it, and then some more 🙂 Just when the curry and garam masala’s vibrance  excite the palate to a new high, the silkiness of coconut milk, like a smooth wave, pacifies the tong and adds that final feeling of perfection. This is a very healthy […]

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Curried Potato Patties with Yogurt

I never get tired of this vegetarian dish. Some people may say that potatoes are high in carbs but remember that we need all food groups in our nourishment. The key is moderation. For this Madras curry-spiced dish, I use Yukon Gold Organic potatoes, boiled but not mushed, a few shredded carrots, chopped green onions, cilantro, mustard seeds and some […]

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Vegetarian Thai Curry

Simple and delicious, this vegetarian curry is nurturing and flavor-full during the cooler season. Let me make it for you and you’ll not have any leftovers.

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Thai Green Curry with Salmon

Thai Curry has always been at the top of the list of my favorite dishes with the lasting fragrance of fresh curry leaves, woodsy galanga, and multitude of spices, so perfectly blended and moderated in coconut cream, giving the highs of culinary excitement to the taste buds and taking the imagination to far-away land of still lotus flowers and compassionate […]

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