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Spinach Fettuccine with Pesto

Well this isn’t a gluten-free dish, but its spinachy flavor and the fact that it’s not loaded with dairy place it in the category of healthful meals (consider the serving size though). This mild and pleasing dish, good for spring and perfect for summer can be modified in many ways. I like to add fresh scallions, parsley and tomatoes to it, and why not […]

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Fettuccine with Mushrooms

Satisfying the Pasta Craving There is nothing like fresh pasta, when it comes to having home-made Italian food. Making your own pasta from scratch? Then you’ll know the difference. When pasta is made right, the flavor is so delicate and satisfying, that simply adding good butter on it makes it delicious. Here I’ve used fresh pasta prepared with butter, mushrooms, […]

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Salmon Farfalle

Out of all pasta recipes, this one meets my highest expectations when it comes to Italian pasta. For purity and authenticity, I use bow tie pasta imported from Italy, and cook it al-dente. For the sauce, I use organic cream I prepare with brandy and quality Reggiano Parmigiano from Whole Foods. Some chefs like to add green peas to this […]

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Pesto Pasta


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