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Bean & Sausage Soup

An all-season favorite soup cooked with Herbs de Province spices and sausage. It’s equally delicious prepared vegetarian style.

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French Lentil Soup with Cumin and Cilantro

If you’re looking to make a change in your eating habits by including more healthy meals, this is a great way to start. This refreshing soup will please both the sophisticated and inexperienced palate. Since the soup can be modified in spiciness, it will be a real hit to serve to guests or friends. Cumin, cilantro and coriander make it […]

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Comfort Food for the Cold Nights

Congee–Simple and Delicious Gingered Porridge This traditional Chinese dish is easy to cook and easy to digest. Not to mention that it’s delicious and falls into the category of therapeutic foods as it balances the digestive system. It could be served with or without meats in it. The main spices, white pepper and ginger, give it a warming and nourishing […]

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Leftover Chicken Soup

Leftover Chicken Soup Ready to Cook What to do with Your Chicken Leftovers Yes, we’re talking about leftovers from your Costco chicken. Because I don’t think you’ll have any leftover soup after you prepare this recipe. To get straight to the point, food need not be wasted. When you buy a whole chicken and end up with some leftovers on […]

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Korean Seafood Soup–Flavors You Won’t Forget

Spice Your Summer with Out-Of-This-World Korean Seafood Soup Sea food lovers and food lovers, this is a 5-star dish that will take you to another galaxy–the galaxy of Korean food, and you’re guaranteed to stay there for a long time. Packed with healthful ingredients, like shiitake mushroom, seaweed, scallions, leek, Korean pepper, organic tofu and carrots, food couldn’t taste any better […]

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Healing Wild Mushroom Soup

This Asian dish is most excellent for the cold seasons and makes a pleasing dinner meal. Wild mushrooms like Shiitake are well known not only for their exquisite flavor but also for their anti-tumor, cholesterol-lowering, and virus-inhibiting effects. So here is a healthy meal that is also delicious. The ingredients could vary, and Ramen noodles can be added if prepared […]

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Emerald Green Lentil Soup

Fairly easy to prepare, this is an award-winning recipe when it comes to nutrition, flavor, presentation, and satisfaction. The fresh spinach leaves complement this meal and make it an all-season favorite.

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Oxtail Soup

Also known as Ox Bone Soup, this mineral-rich and collagen rich winter dish is considered a super food because it nourishes and restores the digestive functions. It’s mostly popular in Europe and Asia, and I have many friends who have never heard of it. I recommend selecting smaller to medium size bones for this soup straight from the butcher. It’s […]

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Cooling Cucumber Soup

Cooling Cucumber Soup This delicious cold soup makes a perfect lunch or dinner meal in the hot season. Packed with fresh good nutrients, like yogurt, cucumber, baby dill, garlic, olive oil and cumin, it’s very appropriate for weight watchers and weight loss. The nutrients are delivered quickly, so a cup, or a small bowl can be eaten even later in […]

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Cannellini with Sage

As simple and plain as beans are, this vegetarian dish is full of flavor that comes from the fresh mint and sage I like to use.  In fact, it’s always the spices that bring out and compliment the nature of different foods. Knowing what spices go with certain foods is very helpful, but many times, chefs boldly combine unusual spices […]

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