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Chicken, Korean, Natural Remedy, Oriental, Soups, Weight Loss Meals — November 16, 2015 at 4:19 am

Comfort Food for the Cold Nights


Congee–Simple and Delicious Gingered Porridge

This traditional Chinese dish is easy to cook and easy to digest. Not to mention that it’s delicious and falls into the category of therapeutic foods as it balances the digestive system. It could be served with or without meats in it. The main spices, white pepper and ginger, give it a warming and nourishing quality. Soy sauce and sesame oil also may be added to it. What makes it really tasty, in my opinion, is the preserved duck egg with its unique flavor and texture.
A very basic version of it (without the spices) is good for young children–nutrient rich and bland. Congee is now part of my weekly menu.

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